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SIM sends people, develops projects and prays for mission around the world to reach people who don't know the Gospel. Do you want to get involved? You can support our ministry through financial support, prayer or volunteering. Thank you so much!

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Reintegration project in West Africa
West Africa

This project helps young street women and their children in West Africa, who are often confronted with prostitution. It offers them a safe environment to rebuild their lives. The program covers recept ... Read more

ELWA Compound Liberia

ELWA in Liberia, which consists of a hospital, schools and residential buildings, urgently needs to be renovated due to damp and termites. ELWA is asking for donations to finance this work. Read more

MFM Cycle-Show Ministry

Girls (at the beginning of puberty) should know what is happening in their bodies. Unnecessary absences from school, psychological distress and unwanted pregnancies are thus to be avoided. Read more

Good News Maternity

Good News Maternity sees the existing Good News Hospital-maternity building expanded, improved and equipped to allow the provision of high quality care to women and newborn babies. Read more

School of Theology - ESPriT

A theological training program for Church Leaders. Read more

Doro Clinic
South Sudan

Mercy meets medicine at our clinic where we serve an extremely undeveloped region in Doro, Upper Nile State, South Sudan. Read more

Galmi Hospital

The SIM Galmi Hospital is a not-for-profit institution and our objective is to provide compassionate care in the name of Jesus. Read more

How can my company get involved?

I'm convinced that my company and the mission can work together.

Can I find professional synergies with a project?

Can I honour my employees by involving their workplace in a humanitarian project?

Can I enhance my company's ethics by associating it with a project that values human beings?

Let's talk about it!

How will my legacy be used?

My life has been devoted to the mission, and I'd like that interest to last even longer.

Inheritances and legacies are an opportunity to support the proclamation of the Good News.

We have produced a brochure to help you understand all the relevant procedures.

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