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Beyond borders

Interessententag 2024

Come to SIM Switzerland Info Day where you will learn how you can get involved in humanitarian projects around the world. Discover how you can make a meaningful difference, share your skills and gain ... Read more

SIM Bewegt 2024

Take part in SIM en mouvement/SIM Bewegt, a sponsored race organized by SIM Switzerland. Come and run with us to support the humanitarian projects of SIM Liberia and SIM Switzerland. Whether you're an ... Read more

From the streets to autonomy: hope of a better life for young women in West Africa

A couple sent by SIM Switzerland has developed a project, a reception and reintegration center for young women in a West African country. The aim of this project is to offer a better future to young w ... Read more

Reintegration project in West Africa
West Africa

This project helps young street women and their children in West Africa, who are often confronted with prostitution. It offers them a safe environment to rebuild their lives. The program covers recept ... Read more

ELWA Compound Liberia

ELWA in Liberia, which consists of a hospital, schools and residential buildings, urgently needs to be renovated due to damp and termites. ELWA is asking for donations to finance this work. Read more

MFM Cycle-Show Ministry

Girls (at the beginning of puberty) should know what is happening in their bodies. Unnecessary absences from school, psychological distress and unwanted pregnancies are thus to be avoided. Read more

Rahel & Gabriel Maurer

Care in hospital Diospi Suyana
Rahel, Gabriel and their two children are preparing to leave for Peru at the end of July 2024.
They will work at the Diospi Suyana Mission Hospital for at least 3 years. Rahel as MPA and Gabriel as q ... Read more

Melvina and Nicolas Piaget

Directors SIM Liberia and Dentiste
Nicolas is the director of SIM Liberia and still oversees the IT-area. Melvina is the co-director and works part-time as a dentist in the dental clinic. Both are committed to the well-being of the sta ... Read more

Enock & Elda Mupepe

Medizinisches Personal
Enock und Elda sind Mitarbeiter im Hôpital de l'Espérance. Neben ihrem Dienst im Spital selbst, engagieren sie sich auch für die Ausbildung von Ärzten und Pflegepersonal vor Ort. Read more

Impact the world somewhere

Physiotherapist / Ergotherapist
Southeast Asia - Short and Long term

We are looking for a Physiotherapist / Ergotherapist to assess and advise on how to live better with their handicap and teach locals on up-to-date techniques in the field Read more

Southeast Asia - Short and Long term

We need a facilitator to develop a network and community to facilitate exchanges between the people with a disability Read more

Southeast Asia - Short and Long term

We are looking for an engineer to develop 3D print sector for a company in Southeast Asia Read more
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Convinced that no one should live or die without hearing God's Good News, we believe that He has called us to make disciples of Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known.