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Getting involved

Motivated by God's love, we break down barriers to reach out to others.
Joshua Bogunjoko, SIM International Director

Serve with SIM

Are you interested in going on mission? With SIM you have numerous options. We have different projects in over 70 countries and are always looking for people who are ready to invest in the Kingdom of God.

At SIM you have the option of both a short-term assignment or a long-term commitment.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will work with you to find an opportunity that matches your talents, strengths and interests.

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The process

Throughout the application process, SIM takes into account your personality, your experience, your aspirations and your convictions. We'll be going through a number of stages together - find out more here.

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Mission opportunities

Here is a small selection of possible outreaches with SIM. But there are many more options that we have not listed here. So if you can't find an entry that matches your strengths or ideas, please contact us directly. Then we will work together to find the best possible mission opportunity for you.
If you are a sports enthusiast, there is also the opportunity to do a mission with Sports Friends. More information about this at

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The benefits


Over 125 years! These many years of experience in the mission have enabled us to put in place solid and reliable structures.


SIM has an extensive network of employees and partners throughout the world.


Many different trades are represented, providing a wide range of areas of activity on every continent.


The flexibility of SIM means that you can leave all year round.


Missionaries are supported before (personalised placement), during (mentor or manager on site) and after their mission abroad (assessment).


SIM works with all the Christian communities around the world that share its values.


SIM is involved in the four corners of the globe to share the Good News.


This is a key component in our lives and ministries. Dependent on God, we rely on his Holy Spirit.

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Bolivia: 2 years with indigenous students

Daniel is on a two-year mission with young indigenous people in South America. He shares what brought him here and how he is living the experience.
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Miriam's experience in an African hospital

Miriam shares her experience of her short stay at Galmi Hospital in Niger.