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Steps to a successful start

The 7 steps to a successful start

Contact us

1. By contacting us, you will receive more information about SIM as well as the contact details of our personnel manager, with whom you can arrange an appointment.
Contact us

Let's meet

2. The purpose of this first contact at the SIM Switzerland offices is to get to know each other. This meeting does not commit you to anything. It will enable you to confirm or reject your plans to work for SIM and will answer any questions you may have.

Your application process

3. Documents
To take your application further, you will need to complete an application questionnaire, which will be filled in by the referees. You should allow at least 3 months before considering departure.

You will receive an invitation to present yourself to a committee that will make the final decision.

Your draft financial statements

4. We will work together to estimate the costs. Everyone is responsible for finding their own funding. We can help you with this.

Your customised placement

5. SIM will then work with you to decide on a possible assignment based on: your abilities / your personality / your wishes / the needs of the area.

Your preparation

6. A day of orientation and a weekend of training are planned to prepare you for the field.

Your departure and follow-up

7. Carried out by a SIM employee