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ELWA Compound Liberia

About the project

The ELWA (Eternal Love for West Africa) site includes a hospital with 120 beds, a dental clinic, a radio station, primary and secondary schools, a church, various factory buildings and 100 residential units for local and foreign ELWA employees.

Major renovation work needs to be carried out on various buildings to ensure that the properties retain their value and to provide employees with a suitable home.

The high humidity and the location directly by the sea with its salty air are taking their toll on the buildings. Liberia is a high-risk area for malaria. Many of the windows in the residential buildings are defective or missing, as are the urgently needed insect screens. The electrical installations, the kitchens and the “bathrooms” are in a desolate state. Termites are eating their way through the woodwork and leaking roofs are causing major damage.

A minimum standard for the renovation of the residential buildings was defined in collaboration with the local staff. The most important thing is to seal the roofs. As part of the renovation, the windows, electrical and sanitary installations and floor coverings will be replaced. The doors and, if available, the kitchens will be made of hardwood to prevent termites from gaining a new foothold. This will ensure that the property retains its value in the long term.

The rental income will provide the necessary funds for the future maintenance of the renovated houses. Unfortunately, there is no money available for the renovation work, which is why we are dependent on your donation.

As a first step, we would like to renovate four buildings in different conditions and bring them up to the defined minimum standard. The required funds amount to $ 67'000.

Donations in favor of the project with the note 52009350 Renovation ELWA, Liberia can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland. Donate for this project
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