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Electrical Engineer Liberia - Short term

Develop a long-term sustainable electric power grid which supports the ministries on ELWA compound for a minimum of 6 months

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ELWA Compound Liberia

Position Title: 

Electrical Engineer


You will be in charge of the development of a long-term sustainable electric power grid which supports the growth and impact of all the ministries on the ELWA campus and throughout the country of Liberia. This will require a holistic approach which considers the harsh environment of the coastline, cultural dynamics, and ministry goals.

Beyond the technical services, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting difference by mentoring and training local workers to live out their faith at a job and in the community. There will be focus on training Liberian staff for these service roles with the goal of developing their technical, spiritual, and business skills so some of them could transition into a for-profit, Christian business in the country.

You will have the joy and opportunity to work in a multicultural made up of envoys of many nationalities and Liberian personnel for a minimum of 6 months.


  • Commitment to the Purpose of SIM and the SIM Commitment
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Professional registration desirable
  • Speaking English

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What is the project ?

ELWA Compound Liberia

ELWA in Liberia, which consists of a hospital, schools and residential buildings, urgently needs to be renovated due to damp and termites. ELWA is asking for donations to finance this work.

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