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Galmi Hospital

About the project

The SIM Galmi Hospital is a not-for-profit institution and our objective is to provide compassionate care in the name of Jesus. Niger is one of the least developed nations on our planet with a high majority of citizens who live below the poverty line. This means that many of the services we offer to our patients must be subsidized with external funding, or it would not be possible for us to provide certain aspects of care.

Since 1950, the SIM Galmi Hospital has been serving Nigeriens and has been a bridge for the Gospel in this country of over 18 million people.  Our patients often travel great distances to come to Galmi for treatment, because of our far reaching reputation. Unlike many places in the world, Niger does not have nationalized health care. The population does not have health insurance. Typically when a Nigerien is unwell, he will seek out the least expensive treatment option which often just prolongs the course of illness. But even if someone seeks proper medical care, the standard model in Niger is that before a patient is examined, he must first go to a pharmacy and purchase gloves and any other materials the doctor needs for the exam. Medical centres do not provide even the most basic supplies that are necessary for treatment.

At the SIM Galmi Hospital we practice a different model. We keep stocks of gloves, gauze, saline solution and syringes. We believe that to provide the best care possible in the name of Jesus to our community there are basic supplies that must be available while still maintaining affordable access to our services.

We recognize that there are certain aspects of the business model of Galmi Hospital that must be sustainable. All of our patients are charged an affordable fee for both inpatient and outpatient services. This income covers the cost of employee wages, hospital utilities, a stock of medications and necessary medical supplies, without which we could not continue regular operations. Donate for this project

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IT Administrator at Galmi Hospital

Galmi Hospital needs an IT Administrator to maintain the hospital and compound IT systems for a minimum of 1 month

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General surgeon at Galmi Hospital

We need general surgeons for Galmi Hospital for a minimum of 2 months

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Facilities Manager at Galmi Hospital

We need a Facilities Manager to maintain physical facilities

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General surgeon

Need general surgeons as well as specialists; will also teach as part of the PAACS program.

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Elementary / Primary Teacher

provide quality education for the children of missionary hospital staff.

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