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Volleyball Coaches' Trainer Thailand - Short term

We are seeking an Instructor for Volleyball coaches with a passion for the gospel and sports.


About the open position:

Position Title:

Volleyball Coaches' Trainer


Provide sports ministry training, coaching instruction, and sports ministry model development to support effective volleyball sports ministry programs in country and regionally. Focus on vision casting, training, coaching instruction, model development, and problem solving with local sports ministers. Develop training materials and coaching resources in volleyball. Work closely with local church denominations and church-planting movements to see sustainable, locally led sports ministry programs developed for girls. Recommended Experience: Previous experience in sports leadership and volleyball coaching is essential. Previous experience in league development and sports camp ministries may also be helpful but is not required. Expertise primarily sought in volleyball, though experience and qualification in coaching other sports is also beneficial. Prior experience of working in girls or women’s sport or ministry would also be very helpful.


Volleyball, coaching, leadership, mentorat, prière, compétences relationnelles, travail d'équipe, adolescents, ministère urbain, ministère auprès des jeunes, responsabilisation, habilitation, encouragement, endurance, flexibilité, humilité, motivation

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