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Coach's Trainer Thailand - Short term

We are seeking a Sports Coach Instructor with a passion for the gospel and sports.


About the open position:

Position Title:

Coach's Trainer


Work with a team to provide sports ministry training, coaching instruction, and sports ministry model development to support effective sports ministry programs in a given field. The focus will be on vision casting, disciple making, training, coaching instruction, model development, and problem solving with local sports ministers. Recommended Experience: Position requires previous experience in ministry, sports ministry or coaching. Expertise is primarily sought in soccer and/or volleyball, though knowledge of additional sports such as basketball, netball, cricket, field hockey etc. would be valuable in specific field locations. Previous experience in league development and sports camp ministries may also be helpful along with teaching, training, or leadership development abilities.


Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Coaching, Leadership, Mentoring, Prayer, People Skills, Teamwork, Teens, Urban Ministry, Youth ministry, empowering, enabling, encouraging, endurance, flexibility, humility, motivating

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